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Radical video-laparoscopic prostatectomy

The surgery performed by expert hands in laparoscopic, perfectly matches laparotomic intervention times. Directions to this type of approach are taken by the urologist according to the aggressiveness of the tumor and the need to perform an extended lymphadenectomy.
A small engraving beneath the navel is performed and the space at the front of the peritoneum where the prostate is placed is dislodged. From the central hole, the camera is positioned. Next 3 trocars are placed, through which the tools necessary to perform the intervention (pliers, scissors, tampons, ultrasound scalpels) are introduced. Magnifying the image allows you to be very accurate in the dissection and when it is indicated to perform exactly the incision to save the nerves for the erection. The anatomic piece is removed inside a plastic bag that is extracted from the central hole.

Postoperative pain is virtually absent and in any case easily controlled with a mild analgesic. Eating is restored the day after the intervention. It will be possible to get up autonomously the day after the surgery. The discharge may already take place from the third day onwards. The catheter is removed from the sixth day onwards. Normal work activities can be restored between 12th and 15th postoperative day. The percentage of blood transfusion after this type of intervention is very low (<5%). Percent much lower than the percentages of open surgery.

Literature data show that there is no difference between the classical and laparoscopic surgical techniques, so a minimally invasive intervention such as the laparoscopic one does not affect the oncological check.

The post-surgery checks perfectly match those of the open surgery

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